The cold winter months have finally come to a close and the sun has started to show that it is here to stay. What better way to celebrate than with a deliciously refreshing cocktail paired with your favorite Gold & Ivy candle? All of these delicious cocktail creations come to us from our friends over at Corsair Distillery. Corsair is Nashville’s first craft distillery since prohibition and their spirits are truly something special. Their spirits are crafted for cocktails and boast a wide variety and unique pallet of ingredients and styles that really sets them apart from most distilleries. Whether it is their Artisan Gin in a delicious blackberry cocktail paired with a calm relaxing lavender candle, or their Ryemageddon infused take on an old fashion while burning a toasted marshmallow candle on a cool spring night, there is something for everyone in the recipes below.



1.5 Corsair Gin
.75 lime juice
.5 blackberry syrup
2 dash Fee Brothers rhubarb bitters
-shake with ice and double strain into coupe glass. garnish with fresh rosemary and speared blackberry-





2 Corsaire Ryemaggedon
.75 lemon juice
1 mint syrup
barspoon of Corsair RED Absinthe
-shake with ice and double strain into collins glass with ice. garnish with angostura and peychauds bitters float + curled lemon peel and fresh mint-




1.5 Corsair Barrel-Aged Gin
.75 lemon
.5 honey-ginger syrup
2 dash Fee Brothers peach bitters
-shake with ice and double strain into cocktail (nick&nora) glass. garnish with lemon wedge-




2 Corsair Ryemaggedon
.5 demerara
3 dash Angostura bitters
3 dash Orange bitters
-stir with ice and strain into rocks glass with large cube. garnish with orange expression-





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